My colleague Rhiannon and I wrote this piece for The F-Word to launch our spot as guest bloggers for the month of May:

As Laura mentioned, our campaign focuses on women’s rights in Afghanistan by working with women’s rights activists and organisations in Afghanistan and mobilising activists in the UK to hold the UK government to account.

When you think about women in Afghanistan, chances are you will think of Aesha Mohammaszai whose face appeared on the cover of TIME magazine in 2010. Perhaps you remember Najia Siddiqui, a senior women’s affairs official, who was shot dead on her way to work last year. Alternatively, perhaps the story that sticks with you is that of Mah Gul, beheaded by her family for refusing prostitution. Each of these stories has been reported by the UK press, and they come together to create a powerful discourse around what life is like in Afghanistan for women.

You can read the rest of it here.