Atheism Africa

 When you turn left out of my house, you will come across a Presbyterian Church, a Seventh Day Adventist, an Assemblies of God, Rama, and a Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry, all within 3-minutes. If you turn right and walk across the main road, you will get to a public school, which is distinguished by a large park. Every night, the park is taken over by a mass of people who hold all night prayer services.
Recently, construction began on the only undeveloped plot of land opposite my house. Can you guess what is being built? Yes, you are absolutely right, it is another church.  This proliferation of churches is replicated on many other streets in my community. The majority of Ghanaians describe themselves as Christian. Mosques are not dotted all over the country in the same way churches and prayer camps are, although approximately 18% of Ghanaians are Muslim, with just…

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