On 27th August, the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and Social Development of the Government of Nigeria launched its National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security.

  1. With @Ollee11 @ChineduAnarado @NSRProgramme at the launch of the #NigeriaNAP – looking forward to discussing implementation
  2. Lyrics of the women’s anthem we are going to sing at the end of the #NigeriaNAP launch twitter.com/chitranagarajan…
  3. At d launch of d #NigeriaNAP with d Minister 4 Women Affairs & Social Devt. #NationalNAP sees 2 d inclusion of women in peace-building
  4. @chitranagarajan the #NigeriaNAP ensure women are part of peace and security initiative. It caters to the needs of women and girls!
  5. Just spoke at #NigeriaNAP launch on behalf of @NSRProgramme – stressed ‘good for women and girls’ AND ‘good for peace and security’
  6. Zainab Maina, Minister of Women’s Affairs, practicalised what it means to mainstream gender – is doing so in every area of life #NigeriaNAP
  7. Zainab Maina, Minister of Women’s Affairs – women are major stakeholders in peace and conflict resolution #NigeriaNAP
  8. UNSCR 1325 was a watershed UN evolution of women’s rights and security issues says Zainab Maina, Minister of Women’s Affairs #NigeriaNAP
  9. Crucial link between peace, women’s participation in decision making & recognition of women’s life experiences in conflict #NigeriaNAP
  10. Conflict changes traditional roles of men and women in society – Zainab Maina, Minister of Women’s Affairs #NigeriaNAP
  11. Still insufficient opportunity given to women to participate in decision making processes that affect their lives #NigeriaNAP
  12. The #NigeriaNAP serves as roadmap to guide implementation SCR 1325 – gives women opp to partake in decision making on peace & security
  13. We at @NSRProgramme get commended for making production and launch of #NigeriaNAP possible by Zainab Maina, Minster for Women’s Affairs
  14. Role of women in our society is unquantifiable -when you train a woman, you are building a great & viable nation – Zainab Maina #NigeriaNAP
  15. Hajia Maina thanks UNwomen and @NSRProgramme for helping with the publishing and dissemination of #NigeriaNAP
  16. If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu – Nigerian women are tired of being on the menu, am I right? asks Lydia Umar YES! #NigeriaNAP
  17. This #NigeriaNAP is not just good for our Nigerian women and girls but also our men and boys says Lydia Umar, one of its drafters
  18. When there is conflict, war & crisis, the gun does not recognise if you are a woman but total exclusion of women #NigeriaNAP
  19. Women are not just victims but essential in ensuring a culture of peace – this has not been recognised; Lydia Umar #NigeriaNAP
  20. Security Council observed lack of women’s participation & impunity for gender based violence – took decisive action in 2000 #NigeriaNAP
  21. Changing nature of conflict – before only involved men but now evolution with civilians being targeted – Lydia Umar #NigeriaNAP
  22. Why do women need to be critical stakeholders? Experiences of women and men different #NigeriaNAP
  23. Lydia Umar – need to take into account role of gender equality & conflict prevention, & protect women’s human rights #NigeriaNAP
  24. When we spoke with women during the Kaduna conflict, were concerned about lack of bread – men did not experience that #NigeriaNAP
  25. I observed that 85-90% of those in displacement camps are women – where are the men? – Lydia Umar #NigeriaNAP
  26. Even if not in formal negotiations, play critical role in keeping families & communities together, via marriage cross divide #NigeriaNAP
  27. Undervalued & underrecognised contributions of women, disprop impact of conflict, impt of women’s participation recognised #NigeriaNAP
  28. Why is 1325 significant to Nigeria? Current security challenges facing enough reason for Nigeria to key into #NigeriaNAP
  29. Need to go away from being reactive to proactive to conflict – paradigm shift if #NigeriaNAP implementation
  30. If think of impact of 1325 on Nigeria, think of the impact of conflict on women – so much to say, not enough time #NigeriaNAP
  31. Just exchanged ‘namaste’s with Zainab Maina, the Minister for Women’s Affairs while we unveiled the #NigeriaNAP – well, that was unexpected
  32. 1% military women, 4% in UN police, women not in peace discussions in DRC & Burudi, only 2 special reps of UN Secretary General #NigeriaNAP
  33. Want to see female ex-combatants mainstreamed into process of demobilisation and reintegration, not marginalised #NigeriaNAP
  34. Need to integrate discussion of human rights – including that of women – into peace negotiations says Bilkisu Yusuf #NigeriaNAP
  35. If we do not know laws and policies, we do not know how to demand for our rights – Bilkisu Yusuf #NigeriaNAP
  36. This #NigeriaNAP will not be meaningful if our sisters at grassroots do not know – need to sensitise & develop personal action plans
  37. We must promote the culture of peace – from our homes onwards; must include women in peacebuilding – Bilkisu Yusuf #NigeriaNAP
  38. We must train women and girls as mediators, conciliators so when you’re at the table, can speak in the jargon they understand #NigeriaNAP
  39. We need to think of women and what they need when looking at post conflict says Bilkisu Yusuf #NigeriaNAP
  40. Must intensify advocacy against traditional and cultural practices that prevent women participating – Bilkisu Yusuf #NigeriaNAP
  41. Bilkisu Yusuf strongly advocating for a strong transitional justice mechanism to address crimes committed during conflict #NigeriaNAP
  42. I’m fanatical about #NigeriaNAP. I am coming to your communities to see what you have done and what the people say – Bilkisu Yusuf <love her
  43. The #NigeriaNAP is not UN property, not federal property – you & I are owners of NAP; all are stakeholders in peace so NAP is our business
  44. Is it too much to ask for peace? Must put money where our mouth is so need to fund the #NigeriaNAP – Bilkisu Yusuf <YES!
  45. Successful implementation will depend on funding and political will; #NigeriaNAP should not be a beautiful document that is not implemented
  46. Nigeria contributes more troops than any other in West Africa to UN missions; exporting peace but not investing in it at home #NigeriaNAP
  47. When we bellyfull now, we give away AND we are one humanity ie need to fund peace in Nigeria AND contribute externally #NigeriaNAP
  48. @ProfLizKelly it’s the launch of the National Action Plan on women, peace and security – Bilkisu Yusuf & Lydia Umar are amazing #NigeriaNAP
  49. #NigeriaNAP needs to be implemented so women can have development, peace and equality – Bilkisu Yusuf
  50. OH ‘I’m tired of being on the menu, I want to be at the table’ women talking about decision making #NigeriaNAP #yay
  51. Do you gender at work/outside and surrender at home? #NigeriaNAP. Time to think again. Send your email for a soft copy of the NAP Document
  52. Contact nsrp.comms@ng.britishcouncil.org for a copy of the NAP.